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Climate and Diversity in the Eberly College of Science

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Information on Climate and Diversity

What is Climate?

Climate is the word we use to describe the atmosphere in the college. How does it feel to be a member of our college? We strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment in which each member can achieve their fullest potential.  In October of 1999, Dean Larson formed a committee charged with the task of assessing the climate within the Eberly College of Science as a place to work and study. The information gathered since then has been used to further the college’s vision of providing a supportive and welcoming environment in which all of its diverse members can carry out their individual missions of research, service, teaching and learning, to the best of their abilities.

The members of the college Climate and Diversity Committee consist of faculty, staff, and students that represent diverse groups within the College of Science. The  committee meets once a month. Each year the committee selects climate projects/initiatives to work on and Sub Committees are created for each of the chosen initiatives.

Working in a Lab
Working in a Lab

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