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Co-op Program Info

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Get paid to gain in-depth experience in industry while a student

Program Features

Academic: A co-op is an academic program in which students earn credit for 2+ semesters of employment related to their majors.

Structure: Co-op experiences are typically two semesters long (Summer+Fall or Spring+Summer). Students are registered for 1-3 credits of SC295 during the first semester and 1-3 credits SC395 during their second. Students should talk to their academic adviser to determine the best way to use the credit. Depending on major, co-op courses may fulfill practicum or elective degree requirements.

Full-time: Co-ops are full-time jobs; typically students work 40 hours/week for the duration of the experience. Because co-ops are full-time academic experiences, students participating in co-ops remain full-time Penn State students, though they are only registered (and pay) for 1-3 credits/semester.

Paid: Students are paid for their experiences - employers determine the rate of pay based on the job and level of skill.

Additional Perks: Students participating the co-op program get a transcript notation and eligibility to take English 202C by portfolio. Click here for details.


  • Completion of at least 30 credits, 2.0 overall grade point average
  • Enrollment in one of the following:
  • an Eberly College of Science major; all science majors at all Penn State locations are eligible
  • a science-oriented major (ex. Toxicology, Immunology, Animal Bioscience, Biobehavioral Health, etc.).

How to Participate:

  1. Register for a SciOpps account, upload your resume, view opportunities in the "jobs" tab
  2. Contact the Office of Science Engagement to set up an appointment to review your resume, talk about your goals, and identify search strategies
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