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Professional Development Activities

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Students in the Science BS/MBA Program will be expected to participate in a number of professional development activities that will prepare them not only for entrance into the MBA portion of the program, but for life.

Professional development activities include:

Student Social Events will introduce students to their program peers, begin the process of networking, and foster interaction between entering students and those completing the MBA portion of the program.

Leadership Development seminars will review the principles of leadership, assist students in developing their own leadership styles, and introduce the process of performance feedback and problem-solving that business leaders implement daily.

Career Development Workshops provide students with an overview of the co-op and full-time job search process and introduce them to the resources available to them (i.e., the Co-op Office, Career Services, career fairs, on-campus company information sessions, and personal networks.) Students will develop résumés, practice interviewing, and receive feedback from industry representatives on the skills and abilities they will need to cultivate for their futures in the business world.

Business Etiquette can be a sticky subject for business veterans as well as students. From interview lunches to cell phone etiquette, there are lots of opportunities for students to unknowingly commit social and business errors. Programs to review proper etiquette for social and business situations will be coordinated for students throughout their degree programs.

Graduate School Application Assistance will be provided to students, helping to them understand how their decisions for co-op assignments, undergraduate courses, and extracurricular activities can affect their preparation for entrance into the M.B.A. program. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), possible methods for test preparation, and expected scores to be competitive for admission to Smeal will be discussed, as will practice admissions interviews with current Smeal M.B.A. students

Alumni Meetings and Guest Speakers offer students information and interesting perspectives on the career paths of past graduates from the program and leaders in various fields, while helping them to build their career network.

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