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Students in this program select a specific science focus area (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics) and complete many of the same science courses as students majoring in those specific disciplines. They also participate in a range of professional development activities throughout completion of both degrees, developing the skills and networks needed to succeed. In addition, they incorporate three semesters (usually two summers and one fall or spring semester) of cooperative education work experiences into the undergraduate portion of their program, in order to better prepare them for entrance into Smeal’s MBA program.

Students admitted to the program with a significant number of Advanced Placement credits and an interest in completing summer course work may choose to complete their dual degree requirements in five years, three years for the undergraduate portion and two years for the graduate degree. Other students will elect to complete their undergraduate degrees in four years, allowing them admission to Smeal's internationally recognized MBA program two to five years sooner than peers pursuing the traditional path of admission.

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