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Eberly College of Science Development Comittee

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Development Committee members serve as ambassadors for the Eberly College of Science. They help build connections with prospective donors, provide advice on fundraising initiatives, and recruit other volunteers for the college.



Barry Fisher

('75 Science) - Executive Vice President, Van Horn Metz & Company Inc.

Luanne Fisher 

('75 Education) - Chief Executive Officer & President, Liberty Lutheran Services

Grove, Susan

Susan W. Grove 

('66 Math) - Retired, AT&T Communications

Hanchar, Jacob

Jacob Hanchar 

('02 Biology) Executive Chairman, Digital Dream Labs



Headings, DennisDennis L. Headings 

('64 Premed) - Pediatrician

Heikkinen, LeeLee Heikkinen 

('71 Science) President, NEU-ION Inc.





Hoeksema, GregGreg Hoeksema 

('85 M.D.) Retired Medical Executive & Sports Medicine Specialist

Martarano, LouLou Martarano 

('76 Chemistry) - Retired Director, Capital Markets Group, Merrill Lynch

Morrow, Monica

Monica Morrow ('74 B.S.Science) Chief, Breast Service, Department of Surgery, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Mullen, Gary

Gary Mullen (MA '70 Math, PhD '74 Math) - Professor of Mathematics, Penn State



Chris Olivia ('84 B.S.) CEO, VNSNY






Ginny Olson ('73 B.S. Math) Retired Principal, Towers Watson



Matt Rhodes ('79 B.S. Physics) Co-founder/Chairman, Semitech Semiconductor


Sinha, Raj

Raj Sinha ('87 B.S.) Orthopaedic Surgeon, Star Orthopedic







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