Facts About the Octacube Sculpture written by Adrian Ocneanu, October 2005

Click on image below to view animation of a hypercube rotating in four dimensions,
in windowed radial stereographic projection.



Click on image below to view animation.


Animation, Octacube design and 4D projection method © A.Ocneanu

New Sculpture Looks Beyond Three Dimensions

Artistic works traditionally carry significance beyond their physical beauty, but a new sculpture in the McAllister Building headquarters of the Penn State Department of Mathematics may carry that tradition to its limits. The stainless-steel work, a striking object of visual art, also is a mental portal to the fourth dimension, a teaching tool, a memorial to a graduate of the math department, and a reminder of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. The sculpture itself measures about six feet in every direction and is mounted on a granite base about three feet high in order to bring its center approximately to eye level.

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