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Penn State Spring Course: ENT 445

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"Evolution and Insect Societies" course!
07 November 2011 9:25 AM to 19 January 2012 12:00 AM
005 Life Sciences, Penn State University Park, Spring 2012 class
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Spring 2012

ENT 445  Evolution and Insect Societies 

Instructors: Mark Mescher and Christina Grozinger

Time: Tue/Thu, 2:30-3:45

Location: 005 Life Sciences

3 credits

The formation of social groups is one of the major transitions in evolution.  Insects represent an ideal model system in which to study the evolution of societies and social behavior.  There have been multiple independent evolutions of sociality across different lineages, and the scale and diversity of social behaviors is remarkable.   In this course, we will discuss the basic principles of evolutionary biology, and use these to understand the evolution of complex social behavior in the bees, ants and wasps.  Topics will include natural selection, multi-level selection theory, sociogenomics, host-parasite interactions, extended phenotypes, male-female conflict, cooperation and conflict within social groups, division of labor, mating structures, and communication systems.  This course is intended for graduate students and upper-level undergraduates.  For inquiries, please contact Mark Mescher (mcmescher@psu.edu) or Christina Grozinger (cmgrozinger@psu.edu).

To register, please use schedule # 853861


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