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Mount Nittany Medical Center (MNMC) Summer 2011 Job Opportunity

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This position will involve being stationed at nursing units and being at-the-elbow training support for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who need to master a new way of doing things in our electronic medical record.
21 March 2011 9:45 AM to 30 March 2011 11:55 AM
Mount Nittany Medical Center, State College, PA
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All text provided by Dr. Stephen Tingley at MNMC:

The pay will be $10/hour.  The task would be to assist in the one-on-one training of MNMC medical staff (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants) in new ways of using the electronic medical record (EMR). We wish to have students stationed at our nursing stations from about 7 AM till 7 PM seven days a week. The job would involve approaching busy physicians and PA's to offer help in performing these new computerized routines. The job will take people who are excellent communicators and who are just assertive enough to approach people who don't always look like they want to talk to you. Comfort around computers will be required, though no formal computer training will be needed. We will need a mix of full and part time people. Some will need to work weekends.  We will need reliable people who will show up when they say they will, even if it is 7 AM on a Sunday morning.

To be eligible for this opportunity, you must be legally eligible to be employed in the US. Those offered positions will need to give consent for a background check, a drug screen, and may even need to have certain immunizations updated. (Healthcare is serious business, and if you plan on a career in this field, this won't be the last time you go through this.)

This experience would be valuable to pre-healthcare students in that it will provide you with exposure to how hospitals operate right where the care takes place. There will be at least some level of opportunity to make contacts with local physicians and PA's which may have benefits that go beyond this summer.

All applicants should contact Dr. Stephen Tingley directly via email.  stingley@mountnittany.org   Please include the words "PSU Shadow" in the subject line of the email, for filtering of emails.

  • Include a brief 1-3 paragraphs about what you feel qualifies you for this role.  I'm looking for people who are comfortable explaining a complex process to others -- need to be at least reasonably comfortable with computers.
  • In addition, since I will need to fill from 7 AM through 7 PM seven days a week, it would really help me to know the preferred hours you would like, as well as what you could also do.  If the only way you can accept the job is to have a 40 hr work week, please let me know, so I try to work with that.  Ideally, I am looking for people who would be able to work just a few hours for training and orientation during the last week of May and then start a regular schedule right after Memorial Day, probably June 1st and continue till classes begin in August.  I do think we'll be able to accommodate people who are only available part time due to classes, but would prefer to have people for the whole summer rather than just one semester.  With 600 hours per week to cover, it will be like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

Once I get emails from you, I will start passing them on to our HR department and they will contact you with the more formal application process.  Once you are offered and accept a position, we will deal with issues of the background check and immunizations, etc. Just to be up front, the background check is something which YOU end up requesting, with results sent directly to YOU and then you choose to share them with us.  Put another way, you're stuck with the $10 fee for that.  Sorry.  Also remember there will also be a urine drug screen. We pay for that, at least.

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