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Attempting to Undo a Loathing of Science by Dr. Andrew Read

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Part of Penn State's Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Spring 2011 Seminar Series
21 February 2011 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
101 Althouse, Penn State University Park campus
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Seminar Blurb provided by Dr. Andrew Read, instructor of SC 200

"Every scientist I know has a low opinion of the standard of public discourse when science is involved.  The Eberly College of Science Alumni Advisory Board persuaded Dean Larson that the College should be doing more to make Penn State's non-science majors, many of whom will go on to be leaders of the future in a wide range of occupations, better consumers of science.   So... I had 3 credits and 37.5 hours of contact time to do make 70 non-science majors better people.  In this talk, I will summarize how I tried to do this and what I learnt.  Most shocking to me was the damage done by K-12 education: many  otherwise very bright students loath science.  Most surprising was what I learnt about the limitations of science - and the implications of that for non-science."

Science (SC) 200 - for non-science majors

Science in Our World: Certainty & Controversy

Fall 2010

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