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Evan Pugh University Professors in the Eberly College of Science

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Each Evan Pugh University Professor is chosen for the honor because he or she “has displayed the courage to pioneer in his or her field, the discipline to remain at the forefront of research, and the generosity of spirit to share these accomplishments with students.” In addition, the professor’s “research publications must be of the highest quality and must have contributed significantly to the education of students who later achieve recognition for excellence in the candidate’s discipline or interdisciplinary area.”

The following list of Evan Pugh University Professors in the Eberly College of Science is given in reverse chronological order, followed by department and year appointed.

Actively Teaching

  • B. Franklin Pugh, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, appointed in 2014
  • Andrew Read, Biology, appointed in 2014
  • Jainendra Jain, Physics, appointed in 2012
  • Thomas Mallouk, Materials Chemistry and Physics, appointed in 2010
  • Nigel Higson, Mathematics, appointed in 2006 
  • Alexander Wolszczan, Astronomy & Astrophysics, appointed in 1998
  • Paul F. Baum, Mathematics, appointed in 1996
  • James B. Anderson, Chemistry, appointed in 1996
  • Moses H.W. Chan, Physics, appointed in 1994
  • Nicholas Winograd, Chemistry, appointed in 1985
  • Harry R. Allcock, Chemistry, appointed in 1985
  • George E. Andrews, Mathematics, appointed in 1981
  • Stephen J. Benkovic, Chemistry, appointed in 1977



  • Nina V. Fedoroff, Life Sciences, appointed in 2002
  • Alan Walker, Anthropology/Biology, appointed in 2002
  • Masatoshi Nei, Biology, appointed in 1994
  • A. Welford Castleman Jr., Chemistry, appointed in 1986*
  • Joseph J. Villafranca, Chemistry, appointed in 1986
  • Gordon P. Garmire, Astronomy & Astrophysics, appointed in 1985
  • Philip S. Skell, Chemistry, appointed in 1974 *


The complete list of Evan Pugh University Professors at Penn State is available online at: www.research.psu.edu/ovpr/faculty-honors/evan-pugh.


* deceased

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