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The Eberly College of Science is recruiting faculty, staff, and students to serve on several Green Teams currently being organized college-wide. Green Teams are groups of volunteers who focus on specific actions to help their organization operate in a more efficient, innovative, and healthy way. Typically, Green Teams focus on making their operations more sustainable through the Green Paws Program and other initiatives unique to their departments.

Energy reduction is especially important to the college and University. Saving energy not only saves the University money; energy conservation also eases the numerous adverse environmental and social impacts associated with energy production and consumption, including air pollution, acid rain and global warming, oil spills and water pollution, loss of wilderness areas, construction of new power plants, and foreign energy dependence. See the tips to the right to see how to reduce your energy usage to help Penn State and the planet.


Interested in learning more about the college's sustainability efforts? Contact Bob Holden at 814-863-4502.

Consider joining a college Green Team!

  • The ability to work with co-workers to make positive change
  • It's more effective (and more fun!) to work with others
  • Connection to over 60 Green Teams and over 250 members around Penn State
  • Bring recognition to your unit for having a Green Team
  • Invitation to quarterly Green Team lunches and special training sessions
  • Access to the best and latest information, resources, events and news available from the Campus Sustainability Office that can help you and your Green Team succeed.  Everyone on our list gets regular updates and announcements from our office.

For more information on Penn State sustainability efforts, visit green.psu.edu.

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"Green" tips
  • Turn off monitors and put computer to sleep/standby/hibernate mode when not in use. Shut off each night.
  • Unplug electronics not in use, such as cell phone chargers and printers.
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room.
  • Utilize recycling bins. Sort cans, office paper, plastic bottles, glass, newspaper, compost, and batteries.
  • Print on both sides of paper when possible.
  • Reuse paper with printing on one side when possible.
  • Recycle ink and toner cartridges.
  • Buy local food and avoid individual packaging for meeting meals.
  • Choose the stairs over the elevator when possible.
  • Carpool to work if possible.
  • Walk or bike to get around campus.
  • Purchase office supplies and furniture made from recycled materials.
  • Use electronic versions of publications rather than printing them.
  • Share your "green" tips - email them to tlc26@psu.edu.