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Novel Self-Powered Nanoparticles Developed to Deliver Healing Drugs Directly to Bone Cracks (podcast)
(29 August 2013)
Thomas Mallouk: Advancing Energy (video)
Thomas Mallouk, Evan Pugh Professor of Materials Chemistry and Physics, discusses solar energy research materials. Video produced by Penn State.
ScienceCast: How Easily Do Diseases Spread Through a Closed Group of People?
Penn State biologist Marcel Salathé has studied how colds and the flu are transmitted from person to person. (13 December 2010)
Scientists Use Skin Cells to Study Autism in a Petri Dish (podcast)
(11 November 2010)
Videos Related to the Southern African Genome Project
Watch the researchers involved in the Southern African Genome Project discuss their research and perform research in the field.
Southern African Genomes Sequenced, Benefits for Human Health Expected (podcast)
(22 February 2010)

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